Considering how much the quality of goods can be affected while stored, we understand that this issue should not be taken lightly. The ever growing market in combination with the increasing demands of consumers drive companies to work on better services on the field of product storage.

Creative International is constant cooperation with specialized agencies that coordinate with the most modern paces of marketing, and can guarantee quality safekeeping in our impeccable facilities.

The procedure includes the import of your products in our storage facilities as well as their inspection, while you are notified for their exact date and time of their arrival. The load undergoes a typical examination in order to find if there are any noticeable damages, losses or other unfinished details, and then it is placed in different spots. The procedure is brief and it depends on your special requirements at the lowest possible charge.

The combination of low prices and excellent services in storage, encourages productivity and consequent cooperation.

With a very low cost, clear and brief procedures, you are given the opportunity to store and deliver your merchandise to partner countries and beyond. Your load undergoes quality checks for typical reasons as well as for your best interest.

Create Your Own Warehouse


Our storage facilities, as well as the net of our partners help improve the needs of your clients, offering regional charges and short delivery time. Reduce expenses and personnel of your company, while offering high quality services, productivity, precision and speed.

Our facilities are modified to fit your requirements!

The import of your merchandise to our stores includes unloading and checking, while you are immediately notified about the specific date and time of their arrival. After registering your goods, we put them in suitable places and you are informed in detail.


  • High Productivity

  • Formal Quality Checks

  • Cooperation with Modern Sectors

  • Low Charges on Storage

  • Consistency and Constant Updates

  • Specialized Staff