Shipping Reports

Shipping Reports

Shipping Reports

Creative International is aware of your need to be in constant information about your goods. This is why we make sure to communicate with you directly and immediately to reinsure you about your product condition, in real time, through our system.

Furthermore we are in position of informing our customers about the process of their shipping order at any time, by contacting them via phone calls or SMS. We fully inform them of the local service facility, the registration number of their shipping, as well as the exact date and time of the delivery. We also provide them with useful phone numbers and e-mails, so that they able to deal with any possible changes about their order.

Creative is in position of constantly informing your about the steps of your shipping order.

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Our company provides information about constant updates about your delivery in every country, as well as tracking and tracing services single orders.

Communication is done via phone calls or by SMS sent on costumer’s personal number and provides information such as:

  1. Local Facility
  2. Voucher Number
  3. Delivery Day
  4. Communication e-mail and phone number

Learn more about creating your own automated shipping report, from your E-Shop platform!


  • Direct Communication

  • Elimination of Errors

  • Indulgence of Customer’s Needs

  • Trustworthy and Strategical Transactions

  • Adjustable Solutions

  • Elimination of Delays during product delivery