Packaging products

Packaging products

Packaging products

Product Packaging is very important for product’s final image. We aim in avoiding decays and distortions of your loads. By choosing wisely the most suitable materials, we eliminate possible damages and delays due to it.

We possess a large number of protective materials, to cover a variety of products in the way that fits you the most. In general, your load is kept safe in durable cartons, but if it exceeds the appropriate weight limit, we add columns and other protective means and it is placed on wooden pallets. In case of fragile merchandise we use anti-crash materials and other protective means in order to keep it safe.

While wrapping the products for export or ranking, we place the Voucher, as well as the full data of the exporter and the receiver. If needed, there is the option of stating that the product is fragile or dangerous, for merchandise that need special care and even directions and comments for delivery.

Creative Market Services has specialized crew that will pack and deliver your load with safety and very economically.

We are in the position of packing your goods by using the most modern knowhow available on the market. We guarantee the safe and responsible storage and delivery of your products, in the most economical and safest way.

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The packaging of products is one of the most important sectors in Logistics. Each product needs special treatment and packaging in order to minimize the danger of damage or delay.

The packaging is usually in durable carton boxes and if the freight is over 70 kilos, we place the load on wooden pallets. If the product is fragile or of an unusual shape, it will surely need special packaging material to ensure its safety.

We tag products with Voucher labels with full data of the sender and the receiver. Moreover special labels are may be placed if the product is fragile material, special treatment or even specific date and time of delivery.


  • Damage Minimization

  • Immediate Availability

  • Detailed Record

  • Usage of Special Safety Measures

  • Usage of Protective Materials

  • Delay Reduction