Merchandise Collections

Merchandise Collections

Merchandise Collections

Merchandise Collection is the collection of goods where goods are already packed and placed on pallets for safe shipping. The increased requirements of the market have led us to this strategic method, in order to cover any short of request.

The process of receiving goods varies depending on their size and the reception point. Regardless the volumetric size, small or big, the goods should be properly packaged.If the actual weight exceeds 70-100 kg, the goods should be placed on a pallet for safe vehicle loading.

According a study conducted by the prestigious organization WERC (Warehousing Education and Research Council), Merchandise Collections is a process of continuous improvement.The main objective of this method is to reduce both cost of labor and warehouse management, along with  errors reduction.

The correct and strategic collection along with the placement of goods in warehouses, creates an investment opportunity.

Creates an extra motive for the business owner and creates a global presence for the company’s profile.

Merchandise Collections process reduces errors or damages of the products but also reduces costs, interventions and bureaucracy. An investment opportunity method for the business owner.

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Product Control and Checκ

The immediate service and the collection arrangement, It is very important for us. Speed, Quality and Reliability in all transportation and collections is our main target..

Our highly trained personnel, supports the collection of goods, well organised, with direct objective to meet your requirements.

The collection of goods made at your store or business begins directly with quality control, internal organization and registration process.


  • Increased Demand

  • Increased Productivity

  • Constant Improvements

  • Higher Quality

  • Time & Cost Saving

  • Minimum Tax Charges