International Shipping

International Shipping

International Shipping

Worldwide shipping has created great mobility and prospects of improvement in Logistics. Logistics involve company decisions concerning organization and management of distribution networks.

In fact, Creative forms strategic cooperation with service networks around the world in order to ship your products. Our immediate goal is to expand our enterprise, while building up our reputation in the industry world.

By choosing the best fitting network and method, we ship your products wherever you wish responsibly and affordably. Delivery to your client is carried out as soon as possible, usually within 1-2 working days. Local deliveries may be carried out on the same day.

By choosing the right network, among our partners you are able to distribute your products quickly, easily and safely. Expand your business and benefit from rapidly evolving markets.

Create Your Own Warehouse

International Shipping

The delivery of your packages is done within the next day in local stores of the country you chose and then on the same day to the final client. This enables your e-shop to offer the service of immediate delivery.

In 70 – 80% of the cases, the delivery is done in main cities!

Shipping varies: simple delivery (the next working day), same day delivery, delivery to definite time (usually within 3 hours).

The delivery service we provide is based on strong cooperation and aims in international development and the enlargement of our services.

We simplify refund process by receiving your goods at local stores, while notifying you immediately about it. Moreover, your load is transferred in automatically to you or to the person you wish to (your costumer)!

Defective products will return to you or sent to the address you wish to.


  • High Popularity among consumers

  • International Package Delivery

  • Flexible/Adjustable Solutions

  • Simple and Immediate Transactions

  • Constant Updating and Communications

  • Forming of Strategic Partnerships