Our Company

Our Company


Creative International has developed a variety of logistics services with an affiliated partner network in Greece – Spain – Italy – Portugal – Turkey – England/UK – The Netherlands – United States of America and China.
ΟOur warehouses are equipped with the latest technology means, with more than 100 high qualified personnel in their field of expertise.

Creative International contributes actively in designing tailormade and additional services, covering as many as possible of our client’s expectations.

Our Infrastructure in software, hardware and logistics, meet the requirements of the contemporary market, still with an achievable competitive pricing.

Live Chat

With Live Chat installed on your ecommerce CMS, you can support and communicate with your e-shop visitor, in local/native language, on live basis.

Pick up Packages

The delivery of the packages takes place at your doorway. The proper packaging is essential for safe handling of your products.

Drop off at our warehouse

Feel free to bring your deliverables at our warehouses, where we check and count them along with you.

Local Support

Instant customer response and support, for deliver and pick up details in native/local language.

Parcel Transportation

We can materialize any kind of parcel delivery anywhere in the world by using all means of transportation, either by land, air or sea.

Delivery automation

Creative International is using cost and time saving automations in the shipping process. The customer receives automatically the tracking number and other useful informations directly from your online store.
Automate your shipments to save time and money!

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