Air Shipping anywhere in the world in the fastest and easiest way, with fully legal coverage.



We ensure that your package will reach its destination on time, in perfect condition, with the most affordable way.



The best solution for moving big loads to central cities with the most affordable way.



We are in position to deliver big packages, even containers anywhere you wish, in the fastest and most secure way possible.


Quality services

Benefit from our services in every possible way!
Take advantage of our affiliated partner network and achieve immediate connection abroad.

Packaging Products

Through this process we seal and secure your products for safe storage and distribution.

International Shipping

Without exceptions, we deliver your products throughout the world! Tracking and Tracing your orders in real time.

Free Storage

We store your products for free! Guaranteed safe keeping, preservation and preparation for distribution.

Customer Support

Instant Track and Trace feedback for the recipient, via e-mail, SMS and/or phone communication.

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Our company features a large network of partners, composed of renowned stuff, with years of experience in Logistics. Creative International always uses the latest technology, offering high quality services. Furthermore we provide a variety of technical and technological equipment, so we fit our costumer’s special needs.


Creative International possesses the latest technological means, as well as excellent knowledge of Logistic services. Our online systems allow constant checks and interface, to ensure your delivery reaches its destination in time. Our regular reports, in combination with constant communication with recipients enable smooth operations and transactions, while we make sure that everything goes as planned.


Creative International carries out business with reliability, consistency and safety to accomplish the management, storing and distribution of your products to the following countries:

  • Greece
  • Spain
  • Italy
  • Portugal
  • Turkey
  • England/ UK
  • Netherlands
  • China
  • United States of America

Logistics Services

Our Logistics include design, constant checks and the technology to reinsure that your products are in perfect conditions. We are in position to cover all your needs, including receiving, storing and transporting of your goods, the way it fits you the best.

  • Mass product collecting
  • Wrapping/ Packaging
  • Storing
  • Delivery/ Shipping
  • Payment Methods/ Payments
  • Order Updates


Reasonable Shipping Cost/ Transportations

Shipping products becomes easier and more affordable than ever. Learn about the most advantageous prices on the market and expand your client list internationally, while maintaining local charges. Suitable for small and/or new businesses.

Loyalty Programs

You show us your trust and we reward you by lowering your shipping costs and by providing extra services in order to lay the foundations for strong and healthy business cooperations.

Legal Coverage

Creative International’s actions are always transparent and lawful and aim to cover your needs and form strong partnerships.

I own an e-shop. Why should I cooperate with you?

Our Company stores your product at the country you wish to, in order to provide you with the best and most economic service possible – Local charges applied.
Our corporate partners as well as our storing facilities are located in Europe, Asia and America.
We aim on expanding your customer list abroad!

How much time is required from placing an order to its delivery?

We receive your order by e-mail, until noon and then we prepare the load(packing, labeling, Voucher, special markings ect). We deliver it by the next working day!

Is it possible to deliver my E-shop products abroad using COD method?

Of course! You are able to use COD method on your deliveries. The money is deposited to your bank account within the next working days.

Is it possible to store large products or/and pallets?

We provide you with all means needed in order to store your products in our facilities.

How can we start our partnership immediately?

You may fill in our Contact Form and our Company’s representative will contact you within the next 2-3 working days!

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